Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and refund for the products and server relating to end customer is restricted, as the franchise has to full fill the commitment given to the end customer the franchisee operation is completely governed by the franchise agreement signed with franchiser- CADTECTURE Structural desgns and  Training service Pvt, Ltd

For Student's

  • Payment made via online / cheque is subject to realisation into our bank account. In case the cheque is returned / dishonored for any reason, the handling charges of Rs. 500/- along with the bank charges for the return of cheque will be collected from student by the centre. This payment should be made only by cash.

  • The student should strictly adhere to the batch / schedule timings specified by the centre. All breaks must be pre approved in writing and not exceeding 2 months continuously.

  • Transfer from Centre to Centre will be done at the student's request, provided the course is available and the course timing is suitable in the transferee centre. A payment of Rs. 1000/- towards transfer charges should be paid by the student to the centre transfering the student.

  • Students joining through any special activity or in a discount scheme or through any scheme classified as a 'special scheme' cannot avail the transfer facility.

  • The student should ensure that they have a valid student ID by validating the registration link received in their email. This is a must for getting the certificates and to have your name registered for employer's verification.

  • Keep the receipt safe for your future reference; you need to produce this receipt at the time of collecting the course completion certificate.

  • The student is expected to maintain the dignity, discipline and decorum of the centre.

  • Course fee once paid cannot be refunded. However the fee could be transferred for another course at CADTECTURE

  • FORCE MAJEURE: CADTECTURE accepts no liability for delay or non fulfilment of any term of the contract caused by force majeure or by any industrial dispute, default by any sub contractor,strike, accident, fire scarcity of material or labour, flood, riot. Terrorism or any cause not directly within its control.

  • The course and course combinations are expected to change time to time based on the industry requirements. In case you are taking a break during the course and the course you have registered and paid is not available at the time of rejoining, then you will have to join an alternative program available at that point of time or must upgrade the course by paying additional fee if required for the new combination.

  • Any dispute arising between the holder of this receipt and the franchisee who issues this receipt shall be deemed to have arisen in the state where the franchisee functions and is subject to the court jurisdiction of the place where the franchisee centre is located. It is to be resolved between the holder of the receipt and the franchisee only. CADTECTURE Training Services Private Limited with its corporate office located in Chennai will not take any liability for any such disputes and will not be made party to it. The holder of this receipt confirms and commits that CADTECTURE Training Services Private Limited with its corporate office located in Chennai does not have any legal obligation towards the student, the course and the service offering.

  • The student must complete the course within 12 months from the date of joining. The registration is not valid after 12 months from the date of course registration. The centre head and the student must have mutual agreement for any such break during the course keeping the above point in mind.

  • Both the student, service provider, read, understood and agreed for the above terms of the service offered.